Friday, 23 January 2009


All these years and I didn't realise it... amazing... it's just clicked, you see I live in a Parallel world!

In my world there is pollution caused by, for example, aircraft, but in the other world all you need to do is buy Carbon Credits and that high level pollution is immediately removed from the sky. It's incredible... However you pollute Carbon Credits make it immediately better, why doesn’t it happen in my world?

In my world there has just been a financial collapse in the banking industry and there is a recession. There is a huge amount of debt, an increase in the jobless figures and a lack of trust and confidence in governments. In this other world governments are giving the banks money and encouraging the banks to lend to people so they can take out debt and go out and buy things, why is it different in my world?

In my world resources are scarce, peak oil has been reached and pollution is huge problem yet in this other World while they have these problems they don’t have to plan for them or worry about them. Where have I gone wrong?

In my world feeding the hungry in Africa and other countries is a pressing need but in this other world what really matters is the holiday destination and the latest sports results. The fact that food is used to make fuel is also OK so why is it different in my world?

I could go on but I need to find this other World ASAP.


mrs green said...

Hey, can i come with you? Because in my world incinerators are really bad news for the environment and our health, but in this other world it's the answer to all our rubbish problems! We can just throw things away, burn them and forget about it.

Let's board a flight and see if we can find this world :D

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Great Idea!

I will buy a load of Carbon Credits, they are very, very cheap so all the travel will be OK and when we get there we will hire the biggest Winnebago going and set the sat nav to locate 'Away'.

I know we both have wondered where it is. It must be a very large place because of lots of people throw there rubbish there.

barefoot gardener said...

I think a lot of us are trapped in this parallel world...too bad the world leaders don't live here as well, huh?

Margaret's Ramblings said...

In my world it is okay to cut down trees so I can receive loads of paper through my letterbox. It's okay because they print on the paper that it can be recycled. In the other world everyone one must have enough money to buy the rubbish that is advertized, Margaret

Kati said...

The worst is living in a house in which one partner lives in a house where global warming isn't even a reality therefore carbon credits are just baloney and all's hunky dory with spending as much money on junk as he wants. Then there's me, seeing this other world, the one that's real, through the window-glass, and trying to open the window and climb into the world YOU inhabit, but continually feeling pulled back into the make-believe "no-global-warming, all consumption-all-the-time" world my hubby inhabits. In reality, more painful or not, I prefer to live WITH reality. At least it IS real. *sigh* Real. I seem to be wondering the same as a certain velveteen rabbit "am I real? Am I pretend?" What makes one real? Does somebody HAVE to believe in me for me to be real? *chuckle* Sorry. Sleep deprived. Must stop babbling now.

Thanks for the thought provoking post as usual, Peter. Hope you have a good coming week!