Wednesday, 4 February 2009

An answer to UK's energy security?

Bio Gas is already used in the Third World but in the West has little take up. However this could soon change, as a report from Ernst & Young, commissioned by The National Grid reports that if the UK’s various waste streams were harnessed to produce biogas, half of the nation’s homes could be heated from it. The biogas would be generated from sewage, animal manure, and other waste, and be connected to the existing natural gas grid.

While there are no technical or safety barriers in generating this much biogas, the UK government will need to enacted to develop a waste management policy to ensure each waste stream is directed to the appropriate biogas technology and an incentive scheme to encourage biogas producers to send their gas to the natural gas grid, rather than generate electricity from it as is currently promoted in the Renewable Energy Obligation scheme.

All it needs is the money... about £10 Billion should do it and make the UK far less dependent on imports of gas from unstable regions of the world.

We have all these God given resources so, UK government, how about it? The banks were given £37 Billion last year and reliable reports say that this will rise to £75 billion in 2009, it's a gift at £10 billion surely?

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Margaret's Ramblings said...

Amen to that Peter. Why is it that what is such plain common sense to us is beyond the usnderstanding of anyone once they hit that magical name of Member of Parliament. Beats me. Margaret