Saturday, 3 November 2007

Electricity in the Third World

It is easy for us that live in the 'first world' to become used to energy coming from the flick of a switch, but for many living in the Third World, this is not the case, I attach an email sent to solar engineer Graham Knight's Biodesign charity that may illustrate the situation

Dear Graham,
I received the small kit with the led works fine...and the kids we educate were fascinated. Thank you.

We were recently donated 26 solar garden lamps, so after the lecture the kids installed the lamps around our camp and very proud and happy when we saw them working.

I would like to get the kids to make LED lights exactly the same as the sample you provided, which they can sell for Daktari, or take home. We fitted yours to a pull string switch, extended the twin flex to the solar panel (which is now on the roof) and mounted the single LED in the apex of the thtached roof. It is amazing....even the single LED gives enough light at night to see where we walk. This is exactly what we need - no bigger or better.

I, and the under-privileged children, thank you very much for your help. Ian Merrifield (Director) DAKTARI WILDLIFE ORPHANAGE P.O. Box 1599Hoedspruit 1380SOUTH AFRICA

The photo is of our son Gareth taken in Makele, Etheopia with a group of orphans, when he went as a member of a group to fit solar panels to an orphanage in order to provide lighting.
Matthew 25v40: And Jesus said, "Truely I tell you, just as I did it unto one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it unto me.

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