Friday, 30 November 2007

And Jesus compared hell to...

a rubbish tip! In His preaching, Jesus described hell as being like ‘Gehenna.’ Gehenna is a place in the Valley of Hinnon, which was used as Jerusalem’s municipal dump; it’s interesting to note that Jesus idea of hell on earth was an unsustainable rubbish tip.

Jesus vision of the world to come was of a place where things do not disappear from creation, where consumption does not destroy, or, in the words of theologian Bishop James Jones of Liverpool, “The new world is a realm of sustainable consumption.”

The best description of sustainability flowed from the pen of environmental theologian Edward Echlin and I quote it here. “Sustainability means taking from the earth’s resources what is sufficient for today’s needs, for all creatures, without compromising the ability of future generations, of all creatures, to live with sustainable sufficiency.” (Earth Spirituality)

Surely, the only people who could possibly disagree with that are they who believe that those who follow us have no rights whatsoever?

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paul said...

I am preaching a trad sermon series for Advent in my parish, so shall find a home for your Hildegaard quote in my 'Hell' homily of 16/12 and from +James Jones' in my 'Heaven' of 23/12.

(NB 'Death' last Sunday, 'Judgment' this coming Sunday, when I think our impending crisis of ecological sustainability will feature quite highly!)

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