Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday. Many time over the years I have visited the WW1 & WW2 battlefields to pay my respects to the fallen and appreciate the agony of those that survived. When in Ypres early this year I examined the book of names in a WW1 cemetery in that town, against them some had the handwritten words "Shot at dawn." I have added a photo of the headstone of one such victim, please double left click on it to fully read the inscription. These men, although in some cases they were only 16 years old, were usually suffering from shell shock and physical and mental injury, and the legacy of their execution has caused pain and suffering to many of their families ever since, please remember them. In the same way that many families have suffered from man's inhumanity to man the fields around Ypres are still bearing the scars of man's inhumanity to God's creation, littered as they are under the surface with with the razor wire, mustard gas canisters and munitions that kill and injure even today. Thankfully in WW2 no one was treated in the same aweful way.

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