Saturday, 6 September 2008

Do you ever read something and wonder what planet the writer was on?

I have just read an article by a wine expert who is concerned that global warming will have a serious impact on the wine industry. This is one particular comment:

“One of the biggest worries concerns the Gulf Stream... if this were to disappear some of Europe’s greatest wine regions would be devastated.”

Geology and archaeology have shown that around 10,000 years ago the great lakes area of Canada was one massive freshwater lake that was held back from the North Atlantic by a huge ice dam. The ice dam broke, the freshwater flooded into the Gulf Stream which, dependent on the salt in it to operate almost stopped, and Europe went into the last Ice Age.

The Gulf Stream is already weakening due to the melting Artic ice diluting the salt laden gulf stream with fresh water, but Mr. Wine Expert, but if the Gulf Stream “were to disappear” I think you would have other concerns than the Bordeaux grape harvest

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