Wednesday, 3 September 2008

As much as you do it for these...

Do you ever think that the scale of the environmental problems facing us all are so big that your ‘little’ effort can hardly make a difference? Do you sometimes feel like giving up or giving in? If you do, then please think on this, because every ‘little’ effort makes a difference.

Asthma is a major problem for children today, so when you fit that energy saving light bulb please remember that you are cutting down on pollution and that somewhere you may well have helped a child to combat the problem rather than to succumb to it..

The environmental problem caused by plastic is obvious to all but those that don’t want to see, so when you take your own bags to the shop you are not only making a visible statement, you are cutting down on the oil used to make them, cutting out landfill and so preserving resources and protecting the environment for the children and their grandchildren.

When you cut down your oil/gas/petrol consumption, even by a small amount, you are making a stand against the lunacy of sending the children of today into battle, in the years to come for control of these resources.

When you buy local produce instead of food transported from faraway places you are helping to support the families in your area and making the roads safer for them and their children by cutting down on those massive trucks the supermarkets use.

If you oppose nuclear power then you are looking after the grandchildren’s grandchildren of the future. 20,000 years ago the English Channel did not exist... in 200,000 years time much nuclear waste will still be lethal.

So if you do any of the above, or anything similar, (and I know that you do) then please, please pat yourself on the back, because all are victories, and don't forget what HE said, "What you do to the least of your brethren, you do unto Me." - Jesus

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willow said...

Thanks for this post. Its often hard to believe that our tiny efforts to have less impact on the planet will really make a difference, but you are right, each little thing we do will make some difference even if its so small that we can't measure it.