Saturday, 10 May 2008

Food security; at last governments have noticed

In the US there has been a backlash against rising world food prices and the use of biofuels, see here and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has summoned world leaders to an emergency summit in June to put forward ways of dealing with the world emergency, see here.

For years now environmentalists have been calling for action on food security. This was linked to rainforest destruction, rapidly rising oil prices as we passed Peak Oil, rising world populations, water shortages and severe weather events due to the Climate Chaos caused by Global warming. Now, on top of this, we have the world financial crisis.

And the cause of all these probems? Easy to answer, the riches of the 'developed' world have been gained by squandering the worlds resources and ignoring the poor, hungry and sick of this world until their plight was too late.

I have no doubt that once again, Jesus weeps...

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