Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Don't forget the economy but just look at the weather!

The global land surface temperature was the warmest on record for March, 3.3°F above the 20th century mean of 40.8°F. Temperatures more than 8°F above average covered much of the Asian continent. Two months after the greatest January snow cover on record on the Eurasian continent, the unusually warm temperatures led to rapid snow melt, and March snow cover extent on the Eurasian continent was the lowest on record!

The global surface (land and ocean surface) temperature was the second warmest on record for March in the 129-year record, 1.28°F above the 20th century mean of 54.9°F. The warmest March on record (1.33°F above average) occurred in 2002.
Although the ocean surface average was only the 13th warmest on record, as the cooling influence of La Niña in the tropical Pacific continued, much warmer than average conditions across large parts of Eurasia helped push the global average to a near record high for March.

Despite above average snowfall levels in the U.S., the total Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent was the fourth lowest on record for March, remaining consistent with the spring conditions of the past two decades, in which warming temperatures have contributed to low snow cover.

Last year, in the UK, the Midlands had a rainfall figure of 189% and even in the 'sunny' SE we had a figure of 169%.

The term 'Global Warming' is wrong, it sounds sort of comfortable, what is happening is 'Climate Chaos'.

The change in the weather is to ever more extremes. Extremes of heat and cold, floods and drought, deluges and blizzards, hurricanes and tornados. Violence fed by the greater warmth in the atmosphere — this is one of the most feared aspects of Climate Chaos. It will upset weather patterns, it will add more heat to the atmosphere which means more energy in weather systems which means ever more extremes of weather.

This is shown by the Burmese cyclone a photo of a fraction of the devastation is above. Its death toll has risen, as I write this, to 62,000 people now feared dead. Witnesses spoke of the homelessness, hunger and disease now threatening the worst-affected areas. I have no doubt that the 62,000figure will increase and that the full number of those lost may never be known. They need our prayers and our aid, and God's creation needs our physical help.

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