Wednesday, 5 March 2008

So 'scientists' and 'experts' say global warming is a myth...

My father, who was a heavy smoker, (I haven't even tried one) died from smoking induced lung cancer in 1965. For many, many years afterwards 'scientists' and 'experts' were telling us that "there was no link between smoking and lung cancer." The same popular and widely promoted 'scientific' and 'expert' attitude applies to GM, (read my note on the right) saturated fats, childhood cancer clusters around nuclear power stations etc, etc. To put it simply some 'scientists' and 'experts' are telling us now, as we were told then, to ignore the results of our own eyes, but as the old saying goes, if it looks like a cow, moo's like a cow, and smells like a cow then it is a cow. This time I hope and pray that as far as Global Warming is concerned and GM as well, people in general won't be fooled by 'scientists' and 'experts' who have accepted the pieces of silver again.

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