Monday, 17 March 2008

It really can be easy to save energy - please play -


Kati said...

LOL That's a cute video. We've done this through out our house by now. Unfortunately our electricity prices are rising so fast that my hubby's not so satisfied with the bulbs as he cannot see how much money they're saving us on the electic bill.... *sigh* Always something. (That's how I talked him into changing over, because I talked up the $$ saving aspects.)

Thanks for the mention of Odessa & Aurora tomatoes. I'm going to keep those names in mind as I go through my seed catalogs. Given our latitudinal similarities with Russia & Northern Europe, it makes sense to try to grow varieties here that are/were grown there. Again, thanks for mentioning the names!!!

As for the comment about "only male environmentalist to visit other's blogs" have you seen Dirk Star or Em's blogs.

Em (, doesn't do too much environmental posting, it's mainly about his family life, but he's also been too busy to post lately with some unexpected family deaths.

Dirk Star ( is more the political/economic guru these days, but he's got a definite environmentalist side to him as well... It just doesn't show up as often lately what with all the political goings on to comment on. That, and he's not as active lately what with personal illness to deal with. But, those are 2 other guys who are environmentally friendly that I've seen.

Or, "Greenpa" ( who frequently comments on Casaubon's Book ( (Sharon's) Blog.

Oh, and there's "Slip" at Accidental Farmer (, as well. There are a few.

You seem to be the most active lately, though.

Mrs Green said...

Good morning to you :)

I'm glad you shared this video as there seems to be so much confusion for people about 'going green'. That is what I believe to be the case from market research anyway.

I feel it is important to keep showing people how easy it can be to make a few significant changes. And to remind us all that the cumulative effects of us all 'doing our bit' can really change the world!

have a beautiful day,
Mrs G x

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Glad you both liked the video, it had me cracked up over the keyboard when I first played it!

I wonder if you have thought about about the other effects your use of energy saving light bulbs has meant?

As they need less power then the power stations produce less CO2, even nuclear, as they are the most energy intensive to maintain and build. This not only means less global warming gasses it also leads to cleaner air and less asthma sufferers and deaths from asthma, and less use of oil for oil fueled power stations means less of a need to fight wars for it.

Seems like a win-win situation to me...