Thursday, 14 February 2008

The world's vanishing great lakes...

The pictures show at the top, a stranded fishing boat on what was the bed of the Aral Sea, in the centre a map of Lake Chad as it was five years ago, you can see the lakes old outline, it's worse now, and at the bottom a small sailing boat on the drying Lake Mead in America. You can see the old Lake Mead levels on what was the shore behind the boat.

When I was at school I was taught of the world's great lakes, the inland seas that were the very heart of the countries and the comunities that lived on their shores. Two of the biggest then were the Aral Sea, in the Old Rusia, and Lake Chad in Africa; today they are all but gone.

The facts have to be faced. People may not believe in Global warming but the world's population has a problem looming. In the parts of the UK we have, in the last few years, faced drying out reservoirs and water being supplied by standpipes. In America, Lake Mead, really a huge reservoir and water source for 22 million people in The West is drying up. Lake Mead could run dry by 2021, the Aral sea and Lake Chad will, at the present rate, have all but disappeared by then.

Irrespective of ones religion, or thoughts, the 100% unadvoidable facts are that humanity is living well beyond the means of God's creation to sustain its consumption and waste, because the above are not isloated examples. We are headed for unprecedented challenges in the years ahead and only a wakening to that fact can change things.

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