Friday, 15 February 2008

It sounds like a Hollywood Blockbuster script!

The photo is of Ben and Charlotte Hollins with their late father Arthur Hollins.

An elderly organic tenant farming pioneer (Arthur Hollins) with a younger wife and two teenage children, a brother and sister (Ben and Charlottie) dies and the family are faced with eviction unless they can raise £800,000 pounds (about $1,600,000) to buy the farm. A farm with its dilapidated farmhouse which first suffered from competition from multi-national companies and then from the threat of local land developers.

The two set about doing this and launch a nationwide appeal for a ground breaking community ownership scheme. The scheme is publicised world-wide, over 8,000 people, including Sting and Prince Charles sign up, the money is raised in the nick of time and the two become the tenants of the farm. Many volunteers turn up to help out with the farm work and organisation and Ben and Charlotte fall in love with two of the volunteers. The farm then becomes a centre of excellence, with a nature trail, on-line shop, educational facilities, and ties with the probation service; play festivals at the farm etc.

All it seems to need is Renée Zellweger and Hugh Grant, but the above is not fiction, the story of Fordhall Farm is fact and shows what can be achieved, just what support and concern there is world-wide for such initiatives and that there are really a lot of amazing, kind and caring people out there.


Charotte Hollins said...

Hi There, Charlotte Hollins here.
Not sure we're at Blockbuster stage yet, but our story will go into an exciting outdoor play this summer!

Information will soon be available on our website and performances will begin late June early July at Fordhall Farm. Something not to be missed! :-)

We still cant believe what was achieved in 2006. We will always be indebted to all those who came together to help save Fordhall Farm.

barefoot gardener said...

Inspiring story!