Wednesday, 8 January 2014

David Cameron the UK PM said that 'suspects' climate change is behind recent storms

There are times when I truly despair, our PM only ‘suspects’ climate change is behind recent storms? Really? (1)

Just some of the recent events that seem to have made Cameron think:

Check out the UK floods and storms (2)

The record freeze in the US (3)

Record high temperatures in Australia (4)

China had problems (5)

And who can forget the Philippines Super Typhoon? (6)

But for a breakdown of many more of the 2013 events see (7)

As you look at these events, just think, many of them involve insured property, and insurance cost is based on predictable risk. But, as you would imagine, Climate Chaos cannot be predicted. So, what do the insurance companies say about the ‘suspected’ (excuse me while I laugh Mr. Cameron) climate change? It is very interesting and well worth a read. (8)

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