Thursday, 2 May 2013

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.” — Greek proverb

For the Queens Jubilee Year our little Parish Council decided to plant a Jubilee Wood. We were fortunate to be granted 420 saplings from the Woodland Trust that we planned to use as hedging and asked local residents to sponsor a tree, this could be in memory of an event, a person, or as simply as a gift to the parishioners present and future. So far we have 60 trees sponsored. We plan to have seats in the centre where locals to come and meet or just sit and enjoy the view.

The recently started Youth Club became involved and they also sponsored a tree and, on a cold spring day (!) came to plant it and some others. They chose a fruit tree and we hope that in the many years to come they will bring their families to what will be then a small wood, tell them the story of the event and pick an apple or two.

Although the area is somewhat waterlogged and bare in places as I write, this will soon change as many have given willingly of their time and knowledge, working hard to turn what was a once small area of grazing land into what will become an attractive village facility. As for the value of a tree, just look at the image below, and for more detail of that and the value of trees, see HERE

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