Monday, 2 July 2012


You might be amazed at some of the comments people have made about me and my views about Global warming, or, as I prefer to call it 'Climate Chaos'.

It seems that I am an 'Obama loving communist' who should 'go back to Russia'. I pointed out that it is actually impossible to go back to somewhere where one has never been and that I was actually in the UK. I am also, apparently, someone who is a 'bleeding hearted tree hugging anti-capitalist who takes full advantage of all that capitalism has to offer'. Yeah right...

Well over 20 years ago it was pointed out by climate scientists that the increase in global temperature would mean that the moisture in the air due to evaporation would become far greater, and this would lead to increased storms of far greater intensity. Scientists also said that the increase in global temperature would be far greater at the poles and that the melting of the ice caps would mean that the Gulf Stream / Atlantic Conveyor which relies on sea water salinity would become diluted by the fresh water from the melting ice. This, they said, would cause not only a lowering in temperature of that which keeps Europe's coastal areas warm, (Edinburgh is on the same line of latitude as Moscow and Madrid on the same line of latitude as New York) but also cause the Jet Stream to wobble and move.

So, HERE are some of the recent weather problems the US has.

And HERE are some of the recent problems the UK has regarding the Jet Stream.

HERE are some of the weather problems Taiwan has.

And HERE are the weather problems India has.

I could so easily go on... but you get the picture I am sure.

So then; the scientists were right, the proof is now with us... sadly....


Kerri in AK said...

Quick observation - the link for Jet Stream issues is the same as the one for US extreme temperatures. :)

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