Thursday, 25 February 2010

The ‘Robin Hood Tax’; this is a tiny tax on bankers that would give billions to tackle world poverty and climate change.

This tax on banks – not you or I - has the power to raise hundreds of billions every year. It could give a vital boost to the health service, schools, and the fight against child poverty as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world.

It is simple and obvious and given the risks that the bankers took with the lives of the many that then had to bail them out, a small price to pay for the greed of many in their industry.

In the UK The Royal Bank of Scotland made a 3.6 billion pound loss. The bank, which is 84% taxpayer owned after having been supported by a 45 billion pound loan has just paid out 1.3 billion pounds in bonus payments.

Somehow this seems all wrong to me...

Have a look at the video and see what you think. The idea is not popular with the banking industry. I wonder why?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Greenwash, have you been taken in by it?

Many large companies have now awakened to peoples environmental concerns, but have resorted to ‘Greenwash’ in order to appear green. Exxon Mobil screened an advert in the UK claiming that “natural gas is one of the world’s cleanest fuels”. This advert, which had wind turbines as a part of the background, was soon banned from being broadcast by the UK Advertising Standards Authority because the claim was misleading.

Sadly Greenwash is still all around and when I saw the Solar Dave Spoof Commercial below, I had to link it. It sums up much of what some advertisers feed us with today