Monday, 2 November 2009

A Global Warming Warning Advert That Has Upset So Many... Why, could it be that the truth is inconvenient?

I must admit to being amazed by the response to this UK TV advert, especially from our U.S. cousins. The comments being made are that those that agree with the adverts sentiments are Nazis, Communists and Marxists, one individual suggested that we in the UK move to 'the land of the free.'

I am not a fan of the present UK government but when they get things right, and they do get things rights, just as Her Majesty’s opposition gets things wrong, then I am in support of their actions.

I have been involved in environmental concerns over the last 25 years and one of the causes for this is my concern about what kind of environmental legacy we are going to leave our children and grandchildren. This advert then gives a voice to all of my concerns and I was more than pleased that our government had the courage to have it made.

There are, of course, some scientists and experts who do disagree with those that consider the advert's science to be correct, just as there were indeed eminent scientists, doctors and experts that said that there was no danger of lung cancer from smoking... they were wrong as well.


Stella said...

I'm amazed and disappointed at the response too. I really can't see what there is in the advert that can prompt such ridiculous remarks.
Unless of course, it's that uncomfortable, niggling feeling that starts to worm it's way into ones thoughts.
I think it's called conscience, isn't it?

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

I think you have it there Stella, it seems to be a problem emotion for many.