Thursday, 15 October 2009


As a part of Global Warming the world is experiencing many '100 year
only events. many of these are extremes in weather, extreme storms
are but one, and you can find more details of these HERE.

Rising sea levels threaten many low lying areas and countries are
facing disaster, the Maldives is one. For more details see

The above is the breaking up of the Wilkins Ice Shelf, for more
details, see HERE.

In Bolivia, the glacier melt water that many rely on for life has
all but gone. For more detail see HERE.

The picture above is of Terry Cochrane in the U.S., and the dock that he is
standing on should be on water 30 to 40 feet deep where he is. For more
details see HERE and HERE.

The above is Scotland in early September this year,for more
details see HERE.

In Kenya, the drought will effect millions and bring starvation
to many, for more details see HERE.

Australia has been gripped in many areas by drought conditions,
as a result recent high winds have caused Dust Bowl conditions
in Sydney, for more details see HERE.

For more details of the demise of Lake Chad, one of the worlds
biggest inland seas, click HERE.

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