Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I regret you can't breathe the air, drink the water, grow your food, and I'm sorry you have cancer, but I really wanted a bigger house and a new SUV

The above is a line from a Canadian Newspaper, 'The Times Colonist' and it is the message the writer suggests we leave for our grandchildren. The article documents the environmental disaster that Canada faces. It details the collapse of the Cod Fisheries, the dying forests and toxic waste areas created by the Oil sands projects.

The author describes the wealth of today as being 'dirty money', in that it has been created by crimes against nature, which in my book means crimes against creation which equates to crimes against God. Please read the full article HERE it makes sobering reading...

It is not, of course, only Canada where this type of event occurs, the destruction of our childrens', children's future is everywhere.


Becoming Me said...

Very interesting article and sobering indeed

Kati said...

Just the title makes me sad, as well it should. What makes me even MORE sad, though is that my Dad and hubby have actually SAID that they'd rather have what they want NOW than figure that their grand/children might not have in the future. (My dad's more precise phrasing was that why should he NOT drive a big ol pick-up truck and travel the USA now, when there's only the possibility -in his mind!- that it might cause global warming and such that his grandchildren will have to deal with. I love my dad, but it's comments like that, that make me not like him very much for a while. But then, am I any LESS guilty for allowing him and my mom to FLY myself and my daughter to a different state for a few days time, so that I could show her something other than the small corner of the world in which we reside?!?! I don't feel so different than my dad, sometimes. Much to my chagrin.)