Monday, 23 June 2008


To supply us with a wide range of cheap food, clothing and footwear, slavery exists on a massive scale, most of it economically legitimised by western governments. We still have slavery, which is a business built on the blood, sweat, and tears of other human beings, all we have done though is to move it out of sight of the masses. Free trade and lack of just regulations between borders encourage such atrocities, and these are often fuelled by the mindless shopping spree know as ‘retail therapy’.

In order for the members of the Western World to continue with their current lifestyle the fact is that the poor are needed to produce goods at a price the Western World is easily able to afford because if we got rid of slavery in all its forms Western society would seemingly ‘degrade’ for the masses. Yet this is the area where hypocrisy reigns, because those in the Western World that buy this cheap food and these cheap goods would not work in, or let their wives, husband’s sons or daughters work in industries that pay 50p a day picking crops or making high street clothing. The fact is though that millions are forced to work for a similar wage.
We must take responsibility ourselves. Every time we buy the cheapest goods we can find we may well be contributing to continuing slavery. Find out where things are made and how they are made. Don't keep passing the buck. It won't get rid of all slavery but it will help and you won't be blindly supporting it. We must never oppress others in order to eat cheaply and look good.

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barefoot gardener said...

Sometimes having a conscience is terribly uncomfortable. Thank you for the post, this is something that is so easy to forget because (like you say) it is out of sight.

Mrs Green said...

An invaluable reminder, Peter. The thing I tend to keep is mind is 'Don't ask why something is so expensive, query why the other options are so cheap.....'

We have the power to vote with our money; so let's use it to improve the life of all.

Mrs G x