Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Wishes and Blessings

Some 2000+ years ago, probably in June, a pregnant single girl, perhaps a teenager who, accompanied by her fiancee were, with the rest of the population, ordered to return to their place of birth by the government of the day for taxation reasons. 

She gave birth in a stable and then fled to and lived as refugees in a neighbouring country. 

This evening I will be reading the intercessions I have written for a service at a remote country chapel.   There may not be many people there, it is dark, cold and wet outside even now, but those that are there will be there not because it is the thing ‘to do’ but because it is the thing they ‘want’ to do and is that not what it is really all about?

May I wish you a happy Christmas and a heathy 2015.

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Alice said...

Wishing you the same Peter. I hope the service is enjoyed by those who truly feel part of it. I look forward to your postings next year. Warm wishes, Alice